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飞机上都可以用Wi-Fi了 为什么黑匣子还不用呢

本文摘要:A Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed Tuesday morning in the French Alps, with approximately 150 people on board. In a statement to the press, French President Francois Hollande articulated the worst fears of the friends and relatives of those


A Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed Tuesday morning in the French Alps, with approximately 150 people on board. In a statement to the press, French President Francois Hollande articulated the worst fears of the friends and relatives of those on board.24日,德国之翼航空公司一架载有150人的空客A320飞机在法国阿尔卑斯山区失事。在面向媒体的声明中,法国总统奥朗德慎重地请求机上人员的亲友作好最坏想。“The conditions of the accident, which have not yet been clarified, suggest that there might not be any survivors,” he said.他说道:“目前尚能不确切空难再次发生时的情况,但现状表明有可能没生还者。

”Now that one of the plane’s black box recorders has been found, authorities stand a better chance of determining what exactly went wrong. These devices document radio transmissions, pilot voices and such information as the plane’s altitude and speed. They are required on all large commercial aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration, and they are often critical to uncovering the cause of a crash.现在丧生飞机的一个黑匣子早已寻找,权威机构更加有把握来确认究竟哪里出有了问题。黑匣子不会记录下无线电通信、飞行员声音以及飞机的飞行高度和速度等信息。

美国联邦航空管理局拒绝所有大型商用飞机上都必需配有黑匣子,对入围事故原因,黑匣子一般来说是关键所在。Despite their importance, black boxes use technology that is hardly state-of-the-art. Older units store data on magnetic tape, and while newer units use digital technology, they still have to be found at the crash site, which is not an exact science by any means. For example, after Air France Flight 447 crashed in 2009, the flight data recorder wasn’t recovered until 2011.但尽管它们如此最重要,黑匣子使用的却并非近期技术。


A company that’s currently addressing the deficiencies in this system is Canada’s Flyht Aerospace Solutions. It offers an Automated Flight Information System, which costs approximately $100,000 to install, can live-stream the airplane’s performance data, and sends updates from the cockpit every five to 10 minutes. Most importantly, the system can recognize such irregularities as deviations in the flight path, and responds by streaming data every second.一家加拿大公司Flyht Aerospace Solutions正在致力于解决问题这种系统缺失。它发售了一种自动化飞行中信息系统,加装成本大约为10万美元,可动态传输飞机的性能数据,并间隔5-10分钟改版驾驶舱涉及数据。最重要的是,该系统可辨识航线背离等出现异常状况,,一旦再次发生,它不会立刻传输每秒数据来报告。

Other airlines are pursuing similar upgrades. In January, Bloomberg reported Qatar Airways plans to equip its fleet with an automatic tracking system amid an industry-wide push to prevent incidents such as the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 last year in the Indian Ocean.其他航空公司也在探寻类似于的技术升级。1月份,据彭博社报导,卡塔尔航空计划为其机组配有一种自动跟踪系统,并期望在全行业起着一定的推展起到,以防止再次再次发生去年马航MH370航班那样的失联悲剧。The technology is being tested now ahead of a fleet-wide rollout. It transmits data from a plane’s flight-data recorder to the airline operations center, Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker told Bloomberg.卡塔尔航空首席执行官阿克巴尔o阿尔o贝克对彭博社回应,这项技术目前正在展开全面加装前的最后测试,它可将飞机飞行数据记录仪中的数据传输给航空公司的运营控制中心。

Not many other airlines plan to follow suit, and the reason for the pushback is simple and predictable: money, notes Mary Schiavo, former inspector general of the Department of Transportation.然而,只有为数甚少的航空公司想第一时间。美国交通部前监察宽玛丽o斯齐亚沃认为,航空公司推迟的原因显而易见:说白了就是钱的问题。

“[Airlines] simply will not add additional safety measures unless mandated by the federal government,” she told CNN.她对CNN回应:“除非政府作出强迫规定,否则[航空公司]不有可能减少额外的安全措施。”A more cost-effective improvement is also up for consideration: black boxes that can be ejected from the plane.此外还有一种更加具备成本效益的改良方法有一点考虑到:即可以插入机外的黑匣子。In January, Reuters reported that the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, had proposed using them on commercial airliners, and they’re already standard equipment on some U.S. Navy jets. But at approximately $30,000 apiece, there’s still resistance to using them. After all, the widely-used, non-deployable recorders manufactured by Honeywell International cost about half that.1月份,路透社报导称之为,联合国辖下的国际民用航空的组织建议全世界的商业航班使用这种弹出式黑匣子,而且这种设备在美国海军喷气机上早已是标准配置。



The Germanwings tragedy is still unfolding, and it’s possible that a considerable amount of time may pass before investigators can determine the probable cause of the crash. Until newer, better technology is adopted across the board in the airline industry, finding out what exactly went wrong in situations such as these is likely to remain a waiting game.德国之翼航空公司的悲剧预想告一段落,各方确认事故原因也许仍须要非常宽的时间。而除非整个航空业使用改版更佳的技术,否则,在类似于情况下要想要查明问题所在,人们仍然要等下去。



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